To promote our philosophy of Super Happiness to everyone, everywhere and help people around the world to live happier, healthier and more successful lives through ‘Learn, Practice and Coach’.


The path to a happier life

ISBN: 978-988-75027-0-8 9789887502708

“WE > I” is one of the most effective mindsets in the world today, which applies to individuals, families, companies, and even the world. For individuals, it leads to healthier relationships, more fulfilling professional development and greater happiness. For the world, it leads to a richer, happier, more peaceful and lively place. “WE > I” seeing things from a different point of view. Instead of placing me at the center of an issue, rise above it and you can see the bigger picture. 9789887502708

We Are Greater Than i

Project Heha: The movement to co-create a happier world

What’s the great form of happiness? It is “Super Happiness”, which means “to live in a state of deep, fundamental happiness that is unshakable; a happiness that persists even in times of hardship or misfortune”. The purpose of this book is to introduce how to be Super Happy, through practicing the “5+1+ other” habits, and by spreading this happiness to more people, we can co-create a happier world.