Program Terms and Conditions

Welcome to join Project Heha Program (include workshop, event & Alumni Gathering etc). Please note the following Terms and Conditions (including general Terms and Conditions and special arrangements):

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Project Heha makes these Terms and Conditions in order to practice the vision of “WE > I”.
  2. It is suggested that participants take the initiative and actively share their own stories/cases to get help from sharing and possibly help others at the same time.
  3. Respect the stories/cases shared by other participants in the workshop/sharing club. Do not share their stories/cases or shares with third parties without their prior consent. Personal stories/cases of participants are shared publicly only with their prior consent.
  4. Photography, video recording and sound recording are not allowed at any time without the permission of Project Heha. Project Heha may take photos, sound recordings or video recordings during workshops/sharing sessions or other activities for the production of promotional materials and other promotional purposes with the consent of the participants. If participants do not want to be photographed, videotaped or recorded, please contact our on-site staff.
  5. Please respect the intellectual property of Project Heha-, do not copy or in any other way forward any of Project Heha’s materials to others, or for other purposes.
  6. For better arrangement, if participants are unable to attend the workshop/Alumni Gathering as scheduled, please inform our staff at least two business days before the workshop/Alumni Gathering start. For online workshop, recording files will be sent to absent participants. For physical workshop, we will reschedule the participation time without any additional cost. In case of extreme weather or emergency, Project Heha will inform participants in advance whether they need to change the schedule according to the actual situation.
  7. If the workshop/sharing session is cancelled or postponed due to any unexpected reasons, Project Heha will inform the participants of the arrangement as soon as possible. If appropriate, Project Heha will arrange another time for the workshop/sharing session. Project Heha will bear all expenses incurred due to the cancellation of the workshop/sharing session(including but not limited to rental, food), but will not bear any additional expenses incurred by participants due to the cancellation of the workshop, such as transportation costs.
  8. Project Heha values the safety and privacy of all participants. If any participant endangers the safety of others or infringes upon the privacy of others, Project Heha has the right to terminate the participant’s continued participation in the program.
  9. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change as necessary. If in doubt, please feel free to contact Project Heha staff for assistance. Project Heha reserve the right to make, amend or cancel any terms.
  10. In case of any dispute, Project Heha reserves the right of final decision.

Special arrangements for physical workshop/Alumni Gathering

  1. During the on-site workshop/sharing session, participants are required to take care of their personal belongings. Project Heha will not be responsible for any loss of property.
  2. Please take good care of the venue facilities. If there is any damage, participants shall be responsible for any claims or compensation.
  3. Participants shall not do any behavior that endangers yourself or others.
  4. Participants shall not carry out any commercial/non-commercial activities unrelated to the Project Heha.
  5. Project Heha may arrange meal, refreshments or snacks, if there is food sensitivity or taboo, please inform the staff in advance.

Special arrangements for online workshop/Alumni Gathering

  1. Project Heha suggest participants choose a stable network and quiet environment for better experience.
  2. Participants should not upload any workshop/Alumni Gathering materials to any online platforms, such as INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, Tencent, Weibo, etc.
  3. If participant does not respect others, infringe others’ rights and interests, or causes trouble or danger to others, Project Heha has the right to expel such participant from the online session without prior warning and without refunding tuition or entry fees.